Modern Patient Education is part of The Eclectic Approach Series. First, we updated OMPT with Modern Manual Therapy. Then, we took on loading and Practical Blood Flow Restriction Therapy/Training with Modern Strength Training. Now are using the same renown Eclectic strategies to patient education and empowerment.

Patient education and positive interaction are the keys to recovery. Passive treatments like manual therapy, needling, etc work in the clinic, but the effects are temporary. Education and behavioral change are the keys to lasting functional improvement.

It's not what treatments you apply in the clinic, it's what you empower the patients with to take home that makes the difference!

Modern patient education is the first seminar of it's kind - 2 ways to learn

  • Fully online - pre-recorded

  • Hybrid online with live and pre-recorded lectures - check out our online mentoring program Modern Rehab Mastery!

  • Live onlive seminar - you host for your organization!

Patients with chronic or persistent pain, or non-responders often have more than just simple MSK issues. They need lifestyle altering education. We developed MPE based on 5 main principles

  1. Pain Science Education

  2. Exercise

  3. Nutrition

  4. Mindfulness

  5. Sleep/Recovery

Every participant whether live/online gets

  • online lecture, handouts

  • Stop Thought Viruses Cards and videos to help with Pain Science Education

  • printable visual aids to help with patient interaction and education

Who benefits from Modern Patient Education?

  • patients with central sensitization

    • think fibromylagia, chronic fatigue, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic whiplash associated disorder

  • patients struggling with prolonged injury or delayed recovery

  • typical non-responders to your best attempted treatment strategies